On Halloween, I ran my first 5k race! It was at Melrose YMCA and it has been happening for 4 years now. I’ve been getting emails about this for years but never really looked into it as I have never trained for a 5k before. However, this year was my year! At first, I was training for the zombie apocalypse. According to Zombieland, rule #1 is Cardio. What better way to get cardio than to hella run, right?

When I got the annual email, I decided to sign up as I was doing 5ks four to five times a week anyways, ranging from 32 to 40 minutes. However about a week before I signed up, I strained my ankle going down the stairwell without my glasses! It was an uncomplicated grade I ankle strain so in about a week, the swelling was gone.

Even after 4 weeks of just spinning once a week and doing yoga here and there, I finally got back to training 2 weeks before the race! Yay! I didn’t do any 5ks during those couple of weeks so the race was definitely my first.

On the morning of the race, I loaded some carbo, stretched my ankle and prepared my after race stuff which was a 16 oz protein power + water drink and a small towel. It’s not a lot but as long as I have hydration, I’m good!

Because I haven’t done a 5k in a long time, I definitely had to pep talk myself. At 3km, I had to take a 1-minute break to reset but quickly went on. At around 0.5km, I sprinted towards the finish line and almost crashing towards this lady who was handing out water bottles on the side. I couldn’t slow down in time! In the end, I finished 29:55 minutes, placing me at 201. Not bad at all ❤


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