Midterm just passed but that doesn’t mean I can relax just yet. I still have to study for my second exam, finish up my clinical hours, work as usual, and finish the month with my third exams. That is a shit ton of  work… With all of this going on, how can I relax? Even when I have time to relax, it’s hard to ease my mind in relaxation mode. In school, faculty members mentioned meditation as a way to ease the mind a bit especially in high stress times. Because I’m cheap, I searched for free apps in Google play :p The best one I found (and still use) is called Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax by Calm.com, Inc.It helps in calming me down just before I go to bed or whenever I need to take a break. 10 minutes in and I fall asleep right away and I don’t wake up till my alarm goes off! The app includes about 25 free soothing sounds plus 2 free guided meditations. For those who have time constraints like me, you can also adjust the time of the meditation as well as the sounds themselves if you don’t want a guided meditation. It’s also accompanied by beautiful scenery per sound! Here’s a peek!

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See a theme here? Each scenery has its own specific sound. My favorite is the first one on the left – Sunset Beach ❤

If you want more than the just the free stuff, you can also subscribe to Calm for USD 9.99 a month or USD 3.33 annually.

I hope this helps! Sleep well and just relax!

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