Almost everyone I know has some sort of smart phone or tablet. In this day and age, we’re pretty much connected to the internet. Because of this, we’re constantly looking for ways to be productive with the use of technology. Let’s face it! Life is easier with technology – when it works, that is :p In other words, I’m bringing out a segment called “My App.” Yay! I’ll be highlighting the apps that I use a lot on my phone every month! So, here it goes:

Fabulous: Motivate Me! by TheFabulous is an app for forming healthy habits in the morning, afternoon, evening or any time you want. I’ve had this app for about a month and it keeps me on track with my habits. It was rocky at first since I’ve had my awful ways set a little bit in stone. Once I got used to it, I had more time to do other things since it decreases my chances of getting distracted especially days when I need to catch the bus! Here are samples of what’s inside the app:

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As you can you see, you can add or remove habits; set alarms; set reminders. There’s even reports on evaluating habits! The one thing I didn’t like about this app is that whenever I pressed my home button to do something on my phone, the timer on my habits restart. Although that’s the case, I think it’s supposed to decrease my phone usage so that I can focus on routine. Despite this, I still like this app and I still continue using it. So check it out and get started on making good routines!

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