This topic is a bit sensitive as it pertains to how I lost my virginity. If you’re not comfortable about this, you might have to click away from here. If not and you’re interested, keep on reading then.I lost my virginity around the summer of 2014. Actually, let me back this up a bit. By virginity, I mean makeup virginity! Did I get anyone? 😜  There are different types of cherries out there 😈 teehee

Anyways, I was 23 at the time and had never worn makeup on a daily basis. I would only wear them on special occasions like someone’s wedding or dances – I didn’t even wear them when I went to parties.

On that particular summer, my family and I went to NYC. We do a day trip every year. I can only take being in NYC for 24 hours. More than that, and my skin will hate me for a very long time.

I was waiting for the bus home at Port Authority. It was around 11PM; I was tired as hell and feeling a bit dirty from all that air pollution from all of those yellow taxi cabs.

#fatnose #nofilter

At first, it started with white heads on my cheeks (the ones on my face!). I did the whole “steam your face to open up pores” thing in which it did. Then I would cleanse my face and wash it off with cold water to close my pores. Some things happened and they eventually turned into acne. It was horrible! White heads kept on appearing and turning into acne. It kept spreading towards my chin, then to my forehead. In order to prevent acne into blooming into something way more horrible, I used clean and clear acne control. It was a Godsend! for while… Because of my uncontrolled acne explosions, I learned how to put on makeup during that summer. Well, I already knew how to put on makeup generally but the eyeliner and mascara were the hardest for me. Thanks to Michelle Phan, I overcame this! I really recommend her eyeliner video which is my greatest weakness! All in all, I’m a late bloomer when it comes to feminine stuff. I do agree that I was spoiled during high school as I only got acne whenever it was that time of the month and it would disappear within the week.

So here I am, still struggling but it’s not as bad as before. I am still trying out various products that will be gentle on my skin and at the same still look good without acne/blemishes. However, neutrogena makeup is probably the best for me at the moment as it has salicylate acid which is good in combating acne. I’ve also tried masks. Green tea formulated masks seems the best right now as it covers up or heals my blemishes. I also take collagen vitamins for my overall skin health since it contributes to skin elasticity. Most importantly, sleeping 7-9 hours a night and regular exercise help as it helps in regulating my hormones and let me feel good throughout the day and the next.

Let me know about how you lost your makeup virginity or just general knowledge on skin care at the comments section! 😍


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