Let’s face it, we have a ton of bullshit in our lives. Some might categorize their ex or unreasonable work environment as bullshit. For me, it’s those little things in life that keep me detouring. My biggest bullshit is procrastination. Not just any procrastination but productive procrastination. What it means is that instead of vegging out on the sofa, I find something else to work on. For example, me writing this. In my defense, I’m listening to my lecture at the same time! Instead of working on my research papers, I YouTube make up instead 😓 Wengie, Michelle Phan, IAMKARENO, and From Head To Toe are so addicting 😘

Productive procrastination is my biggest bullshit but I have little bullshits on the side that can cause just as much damage. Dirty dishes, TV shows, cuddling TOO MUCH with my cute dog, online shopping, not proofreading my blog posts (I promise I proofread this one!) and social media 😈

My next biggest bullshit is being negative. We all have Negative Nancy’s within us. We are our biggest enemies in life. Despite the obstacles presented to us, we are the ones that hold ourselves back the most. It is our decisions that make us regret things in life.

The last few weeks I’ve been thinking that I’m going to fail my HESI exit exam because I haven’t passed the first two times yet. I still have 1 last chance but that’s only 1. If I don’t pass the 3rd attempt, I won’t be able to graduate this winter and I will be delayed in taking my NCLEX. Because of that thinking, I haven’t been able to do my best lately and kept thinking, “Meh, I have next year to work on this.” When I woke up this morning, I thought, “No. I want to graduate. I want to ‘adult’ life as soon as possible!” So here I am, finding confidence, motivation, and determination to overcome my Negative Nancy.

Conclusion? Cut the bullshit in my life. Let me hear your “bullshit” stories in the comments section 😇


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