My best friend sent me this video. The video was about a teenage girl named Noy who was bullied because she had the same birth date as another girl, Yamit. Her friend, Sol, made the first move in bullying her, prompting Yamit to do the same. I won’t spoil the ending but let’s say it was an “Oh shit” moment.

After I watched it, it definitely sparked memories within me. When I was in elementary, kids used to bully me by manipulating my name. They would often call me names like “paniki” (bat) or “payatot” (skinny). My classmates would often pass off the latter as a compliment. I didn’t know having my name degraded like that would be considered a compliment. The most insulting name for me and still is, is “manyakis” (pervert, slut). Not only were they twisting my name but they were calling me a slut in front and behind my face. Yes, I was definitely fucking men at the age of 10 despite the fact that I was always picked up by the maid and had very limited interactions with the opposite sex.

I remember blowing up to this kid when I was about to go home. He was trying to look cool in front of his friends by calling me names. I yelled, “Does bullying me make you happy?” I don’t remember if he said anything but I do remember that smug look on his face. He treated me with such disgrace with that one look. Afterwards, I just left with the maid. When I reached 5th grade, the bullying definitely died down but it was thanks to a friend that it completely died. They were bullied too to the point that they didn’t go to school. When the school found out, they immediately sought out who bullied them. One of the bullies tried to bring me down with them because she saw me and my friend fighting and that I made fun of her afterwards. I told them that after a few days, I apologized and we made up. The bullies had to formally apologize to my friend. Soon afterwards, my friend moved away.

While I was writing this, I just noticed that Filipino kids target others with some sort of Caucasian blood or some sort of disability. Well, it’s not their fault that these bullies are just ordinary people. Ordinary enough that there’s nothing special about them so they bring different/unique people down so that they feel good about themselves. I guess I have to forgive these bullies since they don’t have anything special from the beginning anyways.

To the bullies out there, I forgive you. I’m very sorry for your uneventful lives that you all try so hard to be unique but end up hurting others around you. I am truly very sorry for you.


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