Let’s face it. We’re all going to gain weight this fall. Why? Because we’re in between Thanksgiving and Christmas! There’s only about a month difference between the two! Think about the thousands of calories going in your body within those two days alone! What about the other days where there’s leftovers? How should I deal with this situation?! One way to do it is by having a food diary. Myfitnesspal journals the food that I eat and more.

To record the foods I ate, I either used their search bar or if the food has a bar code, I scan it. Simple as that. What about my famous chicken soup?!Still easy though tedious. I just input my ingredients and its total size as well as total servings of the meal itself. When that’s finished, it calculates the calories per serving! Let me tell you now: (my) home made meals have less calories! The con of this app (if you count it as one) is that you need to know your cups, ounces (oz), grams, milliliters (ml), teaspoons (tsp), tablespoons (tbs). Remember, 1 cup = 240 mls = 8 oz, and 3 tsp = 15 mls = 1 tbs. (If you have issues with conversions, contact me, I’d be happy to help). If you’re calorie counting, knowing your metric and English systems is definitely a must.

Before their user interface changed, I used to see 3 (locked) diet plans which I cannot remember except Heart Healthy. For those who are struggling with dietary plans, this may be a helpful tool for you. I have searched high and low for this, and have not found it yet! Maybe they hid it for mystery purposes?

Myfitnesspal also has a subscription fee to unlock its full potential from being ad free to advanced nutrition tracking to personalizing plans. Subscription has 2 options: USD 9.99 monthly or USD 49.99 annually. Because I’m cheap like that, I use the free option instead. For those who want a meal plan, maybe subscribing for a few months can help in getting that habit down.

Without further adieu, here’s a sneak peek:

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You probably notice in the “goals” tab in the preview that my current weight is 94 lbs but my goal is 93 lbs even though I want to maintain my weight. I tried changing my goal weight to 94 lbs but the available range was 98-132 lbs so I left it as is. I changed my weight loss goal to lose 0.5 lbs per week and my caloric needs went down from 1400 to 1200 cal. I changed it back to maintain and it went back to 1400 cal. I’m guessing as long as the weight loss goal is in “maintain” that the goal weight is not considered in the caloric needs.

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