I recently remembered that I could put on sticky notes on my desktop view of my Surface 3. I pinned the program onto my taskbar but every time I turn on my tablet, it automatically opens anyway.

(I still have yet to pass my HESI!) I have so much stuff I need to do but I’m taking this short amount of time to blog a bit as I am in need of some de-stressing! To be honest, I wish I found sticky notes way earlier since I basically have all of my due dates in my phone’s calendar app. However, because it’s in the calendar app, I have to look day-to-day whereas a sticky note is a “dirty” way of shortcutting things.

Whenever I finish something in general, I like to strike through it but I couldn’t find the shortcut command for strikethrough so I ended up making it little via ctrl + =. I also put in “DONE” just in case.

Overall, I really like this program and I don’t have to download stuff from the windows store; and I get to maximize my tablet’s potential too!

So, do I have a little bit of stress taken out? Yes! Blogging helps~

Happy holidays everyone 🎄


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