I was watching Project Runway season finale the other day and I just thought, “What’s the ideal body size for an Asian model?” With that thought, I scoured high and low – well two pages of google results – to find the answer.

Butter Bread Champagne showed an interesting chart. It’s in metric so for those who use English, you’re going to have to convert your height into centimeters and weight into kilograms.

The formula is as follows:

  • Top Bust = height x 0.515
  • Under Bust = height x 0.432
  • Waist = height x 0.37
  • Hip = height x 0.542
  • Thigh = height x 0.295
  • Calf = height x 0.205
  • Ankle = height x 0.126

Rosyworld also had a similar formula in which I’ve taken the liberty of making a chart.

This chart’s formula is as follows:

  • Chest = height x 0.53
  • Waist = height x 0.37
  • Hip = height x 0.55
  • Thigh = height x 0.32

Obviously Butter Bread Champagne had a more detailed chart. Note, however, that the first chart is directed towards Korean women. Both charts though are aimed at Asian women overall. Asian women are different from other races as we have different cultures and lifestyle patterns. For example, we might not need as much calories as Caucasian women do.

The bolded numbers are my “ideal” size given that my height is 154 cm. Here’s my measurements as of 1/7/16:

  • Height = 154 cm
  • Weight = 43 kg
  • Waist = 66 cm
  • Hip = 83 cm
  • Thigh = 49.5 cm
  • Calf = 30 cm

I don’t really have a sense of the metric system (anymore) but I was surprised that I was actually doing well despite my eating of junk food almost every other day and being too lazy to exercise during the winter. However, I do walk a lot and bike to work often so I think that off sets it.

I’m not advertising that we should all have model-like bodies. It’s true that you should love yourself. However, I do encourage healthy eating and exercise (or some sort of physical activity). Isn’t having a healthy lifestyle part of loving oneself anyways? As well as preparing for the zombie apocalypse, right?

Unfortunately, there is an increased risk of heart disease with women who have apple-shaped bodies versus pear-shaped. Also, the charts above are catered to Asian women so if you’re Caucasian, your body shape will obviously be different due to genes, evolution, culture, etc.

The important take away from this is having a healthy lifestyle!


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