Prudential center is a pretty big shopping center which is also compromised of business offices at certain levels. It has high-end shops including Tesla, Loft, Ann Taylor, Club Monaco, Microsoft store and much much more. It’s accessible via the green line (E-line) which gets you there directly or orange line via Backbay station which you’ll have to go through Copley place (another mall) to get to Prudential.

When we got to Prudential center, we got hungry and so we went inside Mandarin Oriental which was near our parking’s elevator. My mom asked the concierge where their restaurant was and he quickly pointed it to us. My mom told me that she used to bring her clients to Mandarin Oriental for business meetings to sign contracts and whatnot so it’s a pretty fancy schmancy hotel.

Now, the restaurant’s name was called Bar Boulud which is a French restaurant. On the menu, they had this thing called L’express Lunch which is compromised of a 2-course meal (appetizer and main course) plus the chef’s choice of dessert – all served/made within 40 minutes. To be honest, we were in there for about 2 hours because we were busy talking and so we both finished at different intervals. The staff was so courteous that they didn’t serve the next meal until the other person was finished eating. They didn’t even interrupt us when we were talking either!

Tip: Bar Boulud doesn’t validate parking (if you’re parking at Prudential’s garage) since they’re associated with Mandarin Oriental, not Prudential center.

As for our meals, I had roasted pumpkin soup, and fish and chips while my mom had baby kale salad and housemade gemelli pasta.

 photo 2016-19-1--16-14-26_zpsdbcq1egv.png

The soup was creamy and light. I didn’t expect it to be a lot though! (Because of that, I couldn’t taste my mom’s salad!) The fish and chips weren’t soggy with oil, just right. The breading didn’t fall off as I cut into the fish but the chips were too salty for me. However, I did get a little bone stuck in between my molars – it hurt incredibly. Afterwards, I couldn’t finish the last bite of the fish due to a mini-PTSD there.

The pasta was light and not that much which is good because restaurants overload their dishes with so much pasta. The sauce itself was made via pureed broccoli rabe so it had a very unique and distinct taste. The pasta itself had a noticeable taste. To me, it seemed they used lots of egg yolk in it – I’m not sure but it was very different but good overall.

The dessert were these raspberry- and apricot-filled cookies. They weren’t very sweet but the raspberry and apricot made a difference. I just wished that there were more filling since the cookies themselves were nothing special.

After we went to the Skywalk observatory, we visited a few shops. Somehow, my mom convinced me to buy this coat from the Loft.

 photo 2016-19-1--15-08-07_zpsr50ha4s3.png

So thankful shops at this time of year are getting rid of their fall collections! #wannabemodel

As we were heading out, apparently our parking validation was only good for 5 hours after we entered Prudential’s parking garage – we were there for 7 hours and paid USD 42.00… Parking in Boston can cost an arm sometimes! Then again, it was cold and my mom didn’t want to commute.

Tip: Parking at a train station is about USD 7.00 (as of 1/19/16) for the whole day. Rates may differ if it’s overnight (depending on the station’s location if they even offer).

Skywalk observatory is one of the many things that Prudential center offers. Not only does it have top-notch restaurants but it also has free events from time to time. So check them out!


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