I know I haven’t been blogging for years on end or even months on end but I am starting to get the hang of things. It has been difficult maintaining a blog especially when I live a double life of a blogger and a healthcare worker. Because I have a double life, here’s a bit of a secret of how I manage it!

What’s your blog’s objective?

What do you want your blog to do? Is it to showcase your portfolio or do you want a personal blog? I run a personal blog but even then it’s a bit vague. For me, I just want to share my experiences with everyone and not just keep a personal diary hoping someone will find it and read it till the end of time.

Blog topic(s)

It’s essential to know what kind of topic you’re going to write. I narrowed my blog’s topic down to where I live and my experiences living in it. Because of that, I can be creative and versatile, ranging topics from my Zombie Apocalypse Plan to my Citizenship to even How to’s. If you have a specific topic say having a child with down syndrome, maybe topics like “cooking with my kid” or having funny pictures or quotes from the child. It doesn’t have to be all serious!

Writing time!

Because I have a double life, I am often busy with work. However, that doesn’t mean I’m busy all the time. I allot about an hour each day to write something so I have a few drafts here and there that I finish bit by bit. That way, I don’t sacrifice my time in doing other things and I also showcase my “adulting” via time management, right?

Networking is your BFF

Networking will get you to high places! I go on other people’s blogs and read and comment on them. The more you’re active in your blogging community, the more you are going to get noticed. I network whenever I’m commuting, in the John, or even watching TV. If you’re not into networking or it takes too much time, don’t expect people to read your blog then – a sad truth.

Use various platforms

I’ve read a good amount of well-known blogs and what I’ve noticed is that most, if not all, have lots of platforms to show their work. They don’t just focus on writing; they utilize social media and some of them even draw out their hilarious moments in life. Lots of them have at least pictures too. What’s a personal blog if you don’t have personal pictures or videos in it, right?

Because I never had a box to play with when I was a #child #childhood #procrastination from #cooking

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Be neat-looking

Whenever I go on a blog, I want to read something that’s easy on the eyes. If it’s too much ads, it may not even worth looking or reading at – unless the content is that good. Even having an organized look makes a huge difference as it shows professionalism – it makes it look like you know what you’re doing too!

Copyright infringement

Be smart and don’t plagiarize! The last thing you want is a lawsuit on your back. Creative Commons allows various types of creators to share their work with the world without being bothered about being asked for permissions. There are some licenses that require attribution and others that don’t. Some of them can even be altered! In other words, if you don’t have a proper picture or music to show, you can always visit Creative Commons to get shareable works for your posts. Also, you can register with Creative Commons so that your work is protected but allows some breathing room to share it as well.

I know I’m just a newcomer but I hope this helps my fellow newcomers as well!

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