“You filthy humans are so easy to violate! You just couldn’t keep it in your pants!” laughed Lust as she watched the adulterers and the prostitutes be blown back and forth by a terrible and violent storm. As she watched, a tingle in her spine kept creeping in. At first, she thought it was pleasure but its strength grew each second. Finally, she realized. Something was coming. She turned and a great hallway appeared. Candles that were anchored onto the walls started to light themselves as Lust moved deeper into the hallway. “Why do I have to be stuck near the gates of Hell, only to pick up those idiots? Well, If I know, they should know too especially him.” At the end of the hallway, her stilettoes were greeted with black ice. “I can never get used to this shit,” she said to Cereberus, the great worm who guards the gluttonous.

“Hey, Gluttony! Time to move!” yelled Lust to the bald and fat yet androgynous creature lying a few feet away from Cereberus.

“I’m not done eating, Lust!” whimpered Gluttony.

“I know you felt that! You were just waiting for me to pick your ass up, fat ass!”

“Let me just grab a few things. You know, snack on the way.” Lust crossed her arms as she waited for Gluttony to pack his doughnuts and steaks and whatnots. She turned as she did in her realm and double doors appeared before her and Gluttony. The doors opened and were greeted by Greed in his business suit with strategically placed diamonds on it.

“I’ve been waiting for you two! I couldn’t go to him without my little siblings, now couldn’t I?,” smirked Greed. He lifted his right hand as a panama hat appeared and gently placed it on his well-trimmed head. “Now, I am properly dressed!” Greed turned swiftly; as his left foot landed on the ground, the three were suddenly in a boat with a small child in it.

“Why hello, Wrath. Nice to see you join in on the fun as well!” mused Greed to the child.

“I can never get used to that form, you know,” said Lust disdainfully.

“I find a child’s form to be the easiest way to start brutal deaths. When a child is violently murdered, a parent always seeks justice whether it be in the form of killing the child’s murderer or twisting their insides till they kill everyone around them and even themselves as a bonus,” explained Wrath with joy.

“Filthy humans, indeed,” smirked Lust.

“We’re here!” grumbled Gluttony as he shoved a steak down his throat.

The four sins stepped out of the boat and looked onto a land filled with tombs bursting into flames. Screams of despair dominated the sins’ ears.

“Nothing to see here. I guess,” said Greed. The four turned to their right and walked towards the edge of a cliff. One by one, they stepped off the cliff. They fell hundreds of miles down, only to gently land on their feet in front of a minotaur. The minotaur bowed as each of the sins walked passed it and entered another great hallway with the anchored candles already lit with fire. They walked on until they reached Cocytus, a frozen lake located in the lowest depths of Hell. There, a great rectangular table stood on the frozen lake, lined with throne-like chairs made of black ebony wood. At the head of it, a man with a general’s attire sat. Two other figures sat towards the opposite end. One was sitting as if they were lying on a bed with their legs positioned at an arm rest. The other sat across with their hands entwined staring at the lazy figure.

“I’ve been waiting for you. One should not keep me waiting. You should learn from Sloth and Envy,” firmly said the man.

“It was a long way down here, Pride. Blame yourself for being one of the worst,” explained Lust.

“One, call me by my true name, Luxuria. Two, I will take that as a compliment as it takes great hubris to achieve what I have accomplished,” said Pride as he raised his hands to show traitors frozen up to their chins for betraying their kin and country; conspirators lying on their backs frozen except for their disgusting faces for abandoning their loyalty to their guests; and last of all, the traitors who betrayed their masters, frozen in abominable positions. Beyond all of that, stood the greatest among all traitors, Lucifer. The giant was frozen waist deep in the lake as it wept and beat its six wings as if trying to escape its impregnable and inescapable prison.

“Yes, sir, Superbia.” Lust rolled her eyes as she sat next to Sloth who lazily sat upright and gently slouched so that its head is on the table with its hair covering its face. Wrath took a seat in between Envy and Greed whilst Gluttony sat next to Lust.

“We all know why we are here. Something is coming and that something will be here soon,” said Pride.

Just as Pride spoke, a black pool of mud formed towards the opposite end. A figure appeared, desperately trying to climb out of the pool. As the creature climbed out with its body covered in the same black muddy substance, it lied on ground before the seven deadly sins.

“What is your name?” asked Pride.

Tristitia. Desperatio,” said the creature as it tried to cough the substance clogging its airways.

“Despair, huh?” whispered Greed.

“Who is your vile virtue, Tristitia?”


The Eighth Sin


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