Hi everyone! It has been over a year since my last post. After an unexpected hiatus, I’ve decided to restyle my blog. A few of you have already seen some of the changes, most notably the theme. For the next week or so, I will be changing A LOT of things.

Here’s a list of what I’ll be changing:

  • Theme
  • Post titles
  • Blog title
  • Content
  • Post schedule


A big thing for me is the layout especially how it looks in other devices like mobile or tablet. I definitely want something that’s simple, clean and bright.

Post titles

Instead of doing Tagalog tag lines for English titles, I will directly translate from English to Tagalog.

Blog title

Yes, this is huge! I’m still brainstorming it but like the theme, I’m definitely aiming for simplicity. Comment below for any suggestions!


  1. Another huge change: the content! I had imagined this blog would become a lifestyle blog where I travel, eat good food, and give a bunch of advice. The only place I really do all of those is my Instagram account 🤣 However, with my new job as a nurse, the blog has to take on a new path. I will be sharing more intimate facts about myself. Some of them may look like a journal post.
  2. Remember Prudential center and Skywalk Observatory | 360° nang Boston!? Unfortunately, I will not be doing anything like that anymore. It is incredibly time consuming and I’m on a budget. UNLESS, I go on a vacation. That is my only exception to this. Otherwise, I will not actively plan out a day trip.
  3. Some of my posts will be research driven just like Where’s the money at?! Employment Rates and Wages for American Registered Nurses.
  4. The blog has encompassed a few series which I will be discontinuing. These are: My App and Unusual Kitchen.

Post Schedule

I will be posting once a week.

After all of these changes have been made, I will make my blog public again. Thank you all for your time and patience!


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