2016 and even the first few months of 2017 has been a roller coaster ride for me. After graduating from university, I was faced with uncertainty. I did have a college degree but then what? Of course, I wasn’t unemployed but I also wasn’t earning enough money to sustain myself. This meant getting my first big girl job. In order to do that, I had to pass the NCLEX. Embarrassingly, it took me 3 times to pass the board’s. All my other classmates and friends passed on their first time – I’m assuming those who were like me were laying low as well.

After getting my license and being the lazy me, I worked 58-61 hours a week for 6 months without seriously searching for a new job. The night shifts really killed me but I earned the most money there! I did go to Paris, France a month after I passed though so it wasn’t all that bad! But working those damn shifts plus looking for a job really hit me hard. I didn’t exercise, I was always eating out. I was basically a sluggish pig.

One day, I saw a classmate working for this hospital via LinkedIn so I thought I’d apply there. Lo and behold, I got an interview and was hired on the spot. After my 90-day probation, I was finally an actual registered nurse.


I was finally accountable and responsible for my own actions! To be able to prioritize on my own without anybody breathing down my neck! Phew! But because of that, I was also stressed about my new working environment; which meant not good skin days ahead – for those who know Soko Glam huehue.

But here I am. Writing this post. Still stressed but doing all I can to be here. But hey, it’s better than the last few years. Haha!

So what have you been up to lately?


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