I worked Thursday all the way to Sunday. As some of you know, I work as a nurse. Working 4 days in a row and at evening shifts is MAD tiring. BUT here’s how I dashed through my “work week.”

Exercise. Honestly, people need to start doing some form of exercise. Get your blood pumping so you can be ready for anything. No time at all? Get dafuq off of that couch and do some leg raises or squats while you watch Netflix. Too tired? Put on something funny and laugh your ass off. Work that core into laughing, baby. Think of that sexy beach bod you’re gonna have this summer~

Amazing Grass. Preparing vegetables is MAD tiring and tedious; so I bought some Amazing Grass instead. It’s freeze dried veggies that are grounded up into powder form. The best part is that it is motherfucking all-natural ingredients where you can ACTUALLY pronounce the ingredients list and you know dafuq it is exactly – no artificial ingredients, bitches.

  • Tip #1: I bought mine in Amazon.
  • Tip #2: Mix either a cup of water or soy/almond milk with about a tablespoon of maple syrup, then add a scoop of Amazing Grass. I, I shake it up, I, I shake it up 🎧

Pre-cooked foods. No take-out plox. It’s wicked expensive and chances are it’s full of unnecessary fat – think of that sexy beach bod. You’re better off cooking your own meals on your day off and taking it to work. It doesn’t have to be gourmet for you to enjoy good food, it just has to be healthy. Think of it this way, fatty foods make you sluggish and irritable but having a balanced meal makes you bulletproof  🎧

  • Tip #3: If you ate through your supposed work meal (like I do all the time), make side dishes or banchan (“side dishes” in Korean). Banchan + microwaved baked potato = good to go.
  • Tip #4: Don’t know how to cook side dishes? Try out Hello, Bento! – A Collection of Simple Japanese Bento Recipes by Cooking Penguin. Easy peasy Japanese recipes to learn.
  • Tip #5: Get a real lunch box; none of that Tupperware crap that’s prolly not BPA-free or even pyrex which is glass which is heavy to carry around. Get monbento – it’s a super handy lunch box that organizes your meals where everything is separate from each other. It’s also a good way to portion size.

Sleep. Yeah, we all have shit to do when we come home and sometimes, it takes forever finishing up. BUT! Don’t forget sleep is your best friend. Do you really want to show up for work with eye bags? Not having at least 7 hours of sleep is detrimental to your health and happiness. You will be a better person tomorrow with enough sleep.

  • Tip #6: Set an alarm for when you want to get ready for bed. For me, I want to go to bed at 10PM. Because it takes me an hour to get ready for bed, I set my alarm to 9PM.

Chilling. You worked all damn day; take a chill pill. Take 20-30 minutes watching YouTube videos and shit especially if you’re just getting home.

Disclaimer: Feeling energized during the work week won’t come easily. You need to follow up on exercising and eating a balanced meal in order for it to work. It’s a waiting game, my friend. If it doesn’t click right away, try and try. I know it took me a month to even start jogging 3 times a week. So, dun give up!

I hope this helps you out! Comment below on anything you do differently!



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