Anger: When Mom orders me to clean up while I’m in pain

I’m just going to straight up say it. I had my period today and it fucking hurt. It hurt so much I had to call out of work and calling out as a nurse is hell for my boss, which I understand since clients need to be taken care of. However, life is life and girl’s gotta bleed.

Out of all the craziness in trying to subdue this inescapable pain every single damn month, Mom comes in and tells me to lock the door, clean the kitchen, sweep the floors, and goes to lecture me about not leaving bread crumbs on the kitchen counter. She even left me confusing instructions on a soup of which I apparently misunderstood. I’m in pain. I won’t be able to understand and I’ve told her several times that I did not understand since I was in pain. Yes, she did bring me toast, water and Tylenol of which I already prepared but I couldn’t bring it to my room since I could not even stand.

Yes, please order a person in pain to do tasks just cause they called out of work. Obviously, sick = call out of work = more time = do chores = another day at work.

To those suffering with severe dysmenorrhea, take it easy. Meditate. Distract. Write. Listen to music. Sleep (but on your left side šŸ˜œ). Walk. Whatever. Just avoid the people who cause you pain especially on the first day.


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