Ambivalence: Traveling

I’m young and dumb. Anybody have that feeling? To be honest, I’ve never traveled on my own; I’m always with family or friends who actually plans the trip. I’m more of a follower, a sheep if you will except my wallet’s close to my heart.

How does a nurse with no car travel all by herself? Well, easy. Get a car, right? Well, it ain’t easy when I still can’t afford one and the fact that I’m totally afraid of highways. I live in MA which is basically the worst drivers of America. People who don’t signal drives me nuts AND grab others’ lanes. Not to mention the pedestrians. The pedestrians! People cross when it’s green like what. the. fuck.

Anyways, I went to Wanderu to book a bus to NYC, and Hostel World and AirBnB to look for rooms near Manhattan. I was overwhelmed; well probably because I was looking into vacation in two weeks.

Maybe I should just go to a spa in Boston and have fun there. Maybe a mini vacation. Or maybe a day trip to NYC. Just go to Korean spa, right? It’d be even better if One Ok Rock is there again O.O

What’s a girl gotta do to get rid of this wanderlust?


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