Triumphant: I won in a bidding!

I’ve been watching Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia on Ebay. I never win a bidding mostly because I keep forgetting the due date and actually bidding as well. Because I had a day off and using my Surface 3’s multitasking window thingy-ma-bob, I was watching the game like a hawk. In the middle of it, I almost forgot though! I started noticing at 8 minutes though! Phew!

I decided to place my bid in the last minute and I had a bidding war with a couple of people; but then I placed my last bid on the due date and time and won it 😀


And then I looked at how much I spent last September and it’s meh. But! I’ve decided to sell my Gameboy Advance SP along with its games, separately of course. I thought, “Am I really going to play these games again? It’s been years since I’ve played them and I’ve already played them more than twice already so might as well.” The profits will add to my Nintendo Switch Fund 😀



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